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Set up your HTML markup.

<div class="biird" data-biird-id="b9fb0f44-31d5-45df-9ec3-776568802c31"></div>

Add the library to the end of your Body tag. biird will automatically initialize on load.

<script type="text/javascript" src="biird/biird.min.js"></script>

To change any dimension call the Update function and pass the optios as a JSON string. Call the Refresh function right after to update the resources with the new dimensions.

$(function() {
    biird.update({'language': 'en'});

Download the library from here

To change any dimension pass a dictionary to the shared Biird object.

Biird.shared.defaultDimensions =  [language: "en", gender: "male"]

Call Fetch to retrieve the values.

Biird.shared.fetch(withId: "64b5e1fa-2891-4038-9ac1-b5adbc254846") { 
    (result) in self.imageView.image = result?.image

Download the library from here

Library coming soon!

Library coming soon!

Library coming soon!

Automatic Translation
Language Agnostic